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CommunityCOUNTS helps spark, collect, rank and compel discussion around an assortment of web content from text to video, including support for YouTube, MySpace, and It can be used to run simple rankings or a self-organizing Q&A/Online Town Hall. It started as a way for people to have a say in the YouTube Debates (NPR). It then served as the backbone of techPresident's 10Questions, a video forum for the Presidential candidates (Wired), and most recently, it was used by a broad coalition to collect questions for the President (National Journal).

We were happy to see the White House adopt the use of such a forum with Open For Questions, and to help foster this developing spirit of engagement, communityCOUNTS is making available a dedicated forum to all sitting members of Congress for use as they see fit. (Washington Post Interview). Our hope is that they will choose to engage with their constituents either as part of an ongoing Q&A, or perhaps they will simply solicit feedback on upcoming legislation. Either way, these forums promise a real-time look at the concerns of their constituents, an avenue to ask the peoples' questions.

Individual Congressional forums can be found by using the search tools available at

Additionally, anyone can create and manage their own forum, including individuals, politicians, and media outlets alike. CommunityCOUNTS aims to offer tools for Bloggers, Press, & Politicians to help foster non-partisan-transparent dialogs focused around community concerns. Additional structural details can be found here.

This application was submitted by David Colarusso on March 30, 2009

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